Are you missing some teeth? Are you wearing a fixed bridge, or complete or partial prostheses? Dre Nathalie Bouchard from Centre Dentaire Roccabella can help improve your quality of life with dental implants.

  • International Congress of Oral Implantology diplomate
  • Trained in various international schools in occlusion and implantology

In numerous cases, dental prostheses are unsightly and uncomfortable. Furthermore, they active bone loss and generally become unstable with time. A lot of people refrain from smiling or eating certain foods. Over the years, these problems get worse and affect your quality of life. Find your liberty again with dental implants!

At Roccabella dental Center, we are able to suggest an adapted treatment that is appropriate for your personal needs and desires. Among other things, for a few years we have been using your own growth factors coming from your blood samples (PRGF and PRF). They activate and improve the recuperation period. Our team will help you find the comfort and the aesthetics of natural teeth. Your new smile will help you regain your lost confidence!

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