Rehabilitation: an investment for your quality of life.

Rehabilitation is a process with the goal of optimizing the functionality of your mouth. It is first of all necessary to optimize the articulation of the lower jaw and of the skull. Once this step is done, it often becomes necessary to proceed with partial or complete rehabilitation of the dentition.

Depending on your situation, the rehabilitation can necessitate various treatments, such as implants, crowns or veneers placement. Our knowledge allows us to generally identify the extent of the treatments that will be required after an in-depth examination and the analysis of your file.

Neuromuscular dentistry and rehabilitation can make a big difference in quality of life, but also in life expectancy!

Las Vegas Institute graduate in neuromuscular dentistry, Dre Nathalie Bouchard, general dentist, has a great knowledge in the field. She has also received the title of “diplomate”, the highest distinction awarded by the International Congress of Oral implantology, and she teaches at the Institut Canadien d’Implantologie, which makes her a reference in this field.

The value of rehabilitation varies from one situation to the next. It is a worthy investment. Dre Bouchard and our team invite you to consult us. We will review your situation with you and together we will be able to evaluate the conceivable options.

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