Mouthgards and performance plates

As far back as ancient Greece and the Viking warriors’ era, they would bite down on straps or leather pieces to stay focused. Under Armour’s oral performance devices have been developed to liberate your strength and potential. They can help high discipline athletes of any level reach their full potential. Custom-made, they allow you to be stronger, faster and better, all while protecting your teeth.

The process is simple:

  • The dentist makes a dental impression
  • The models are sent to the laboratory
  • The dentist puts it in your mouth and makes the final adjustments

Unclench your jaw to make way for a better athlete.

When you are training or when you are competing, you clench your jaw. The compression of the temporomandibular articulation when the teeth clench sets off a hormone secretion (like cortisol) which causes stress, fatigue and distraction.

The custom-made Under Armour device prevents teeth clenching and rotates the jaw forward to reduce the pressure on the articulation. The negative hormones and the effects of energy depletion are eliminated to allow the body to develop its full potential.

An amazing ranking

  • Increase strength up to 17%
  • Increase endurance by opening the respiratory tracts (25% less lactic acid production after 30 minutes of training)
  • Speed up reaction time
  • Reduce stress in sports by reducing the cortisol production
  • Reduce force of impart by 20%
  • Reduce chances of concussions

Who is targeted by these high performance oral devices?

  • To professional and non-professional athletes that wish to excel in their sport
  • Good for contact or non-contact sports

You can get them within 10 business days

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