Periodontics (gum treatment)

Nobody is safe from gum diseases. They develop when a bacterial infection lodges itself under the gum at the base of the tooth. Protected from tooth brushing, the bacteria secretes enzymes that, with time, end up attacking the bone holding the tooth in place.

The more affected the bone is, the less supported the tooth becomes, which can lead to tooth loss in serious cases. The bacteria causing these infections can eventually enter the bloodstream and cause other important health issues, such as cardiovascular problems, among others. These infections often go undiagnosed and sneakily cause destruction.

Even if you have very good oral hygiene, it is possible for you to develop periodontal diseases because these diseases can be hereditary and more frequent in smokers and diabetic people. They are transmitted from a person to another, or even from an animal to a human.

However, one of the best ways to prevent these infections is to brush your teeth multiple times a day and to floss. Sometimes other allies, such as the electric toothbrush, small interdental brushes and water jet devices are necessary to complete oral hygiene.

It is important to consult a dentist regularly every 3 to 6 months for a preventive exam and a scaling, depending on your needs.

At Roccabella Dental Center, we also offer a treatment for receding teeth through allogeneic and autogenic membranes (a method that allows us to avoid extraction of tissue from the palate) with the help of growth factors (PRGF and PRF), which allows for improvement of the quality of tissues, thus contributing to a healthy tooth.

Flossing is indeed a quick and easy way to avoid many dental problems. Even so, it is a practice that very few people adopt. If your gums bleed when you floss, it is not a sign that you should not floss, it is a sign that you do not floss enough!

When you are faced with a gum infection, you could need periodontal treatment. At Centre Dentaire Roccabella, we suggest different laser treatments, such as Periowave and Biolase. These two techniques are quick, painless and safe and they allow bacteria associated with periodontal diseases to be killed without increasing resistance to antibiotics.

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