Jaw problems

Neuromuscular dentistry is the solution to many problems. A lot of people suffer from problems stemming from their jaw and do not even know it! Do you recognize yourself in one or more of these situations?

  • Frequent migraines or headaches

  • Abnormal wear and tear of the teeth and/or teeth grinding (bruxism)

  • Cracking of the jaw

  • Difficulty completely opening the mouth, chewing or swallowing

  • Teeth fracture or loss

  • Pain, muscular tension or ear infections

  • Ear blockage, tinnitus

  • Neck and back problems

  • Sleep apnea

If so, you might suffer from a jaw problem. In that case, many treatment paths are conceivable, and these solutions vary considerably from one patient to another. Sometimes, a simple dental adjustment and/or night gear suffice to improve the situation. In other cases, however, orthodontics and dental rehabilitation treatments as well as replacement of the gaps are necessary. Moreover, at Centre Roccabella, we use an ultramodern software that allows us to provide a complete and precise analysis of the functioning of your jaw.

With a complete exam, we will be able to evaluate the extent of your problems and the different solutions that are available to you. Contact us to make an appointment!

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