Snoring problem

Why do people snore?

Snoring does not depend on your sex, your age or your oral hygiene, it is a totally normal phenomenon that most people experience.

When we sleep, our muscles relax. For some people, this relaxation can cause the tongue to drop back. The airway is then compromised by the presence of the tongue. Our body, to counter the diminishing air intake, accelerates the process, which leads to the vibration of tissues in the throat (the palate, the tonsils, the uvula, etc.). This vibration causes snoring.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a different problem than simply snoring. For some people, the obstruction of the pharynx when they sleep is total and completely prevents the air from passing. This blockage causes respiratory failure: that is what we call sleep apnea. This phenomenon can last more than 10 seconds every time and can happen tens, even hundreds of times a night.

This sleeping problem should not be taken lightly. It causes a diminution of the blood’s oxygen level and can lead to serious consequences short and long-term for the person suffering from sleep apnea, such as hypertension, depression, cardiovascular diseases, extreme fatigue, sleepiness, problems with libido, or even a stroke.

We have a solution for you!

At Roccabella Dental center, we can help you resolve your sleep apnea problem without affecting your comfort. The device we are suggesting is in fact flexible and comfortable. It is custom-made for your mouth and is similar to a mouth guard for people in sports.

This device is designed to maintain your lower jaw in an upward position when you sleep, liberating the airway and preventing the obstruction that causes snoring and sleep apnea. It can also reduce bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching).

Improve your overall health with this custom-made, adapted treatment. Enjoy restorative sleep and stop being tired. Put an end to the snoring related conflicts between you and your partner and stop being afraid of bothering your loved ones.

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